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WAVE 3 Investigates: What led Gail Coontz to allegedly murder her kids

By Shayla Reaves

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- There are big questions about why and how could a woman who seemed to be okay could kill her children? Gail Coontz rejected our request for an interview. So we went to neighbors and found court records for more on the single mom who is now charged with murder. WAVE 3's Shayla Reaves investigates what led to the shootings.

She's behind bars and charged with murder. It's a stark contrast to the Gail Coontz neighbors say they know.

"Strong, good mother, did everything for her kids," said neighbor Patty Schneider. "Boy scouts, girl scouts, she was involved with everything."

It's what happened inside her Settle Boulevard home that's got neighbors and police asking questions. Thursday, Metro Police found Coontz's two children -- 14 year-old Greg Coontz and 10-year-old Nikki Coontz -- shot to death in their beds.

"Children are so innocent, why would they be shot?" neighbor Dorothy Maymon asked.

Friday, Coontz pled not guilty to killing the children. Neighbors say she raised them alone as a single mom. In the Metro Police report, the officer writes "the mother of the victims made a statement to an informational witness that the children were sent home to be with their dad." WAVE 3 has learned that witness is a counselor for UofL Psychological Services. The report goes on to say "the witness knew the father of the children was deceased."

We contacted UofL Counseling Services, but have received no comment. We did our own independent research and learned that Coontz filed for bankruptcy in the fall of 2004 and again, two years later, in the fall of 2006. That's around the same time UofL tells WAVE 3 Coontz enrolled as a full-time student -- a status she still maintains. 

Coontz current employer, Volunteers of America, tells WAVE 3 the mother of two worked part-time for the company on Fridays and Sundays for the last year and a half. She was scheduled to be at work again today, but instead Gail Coontz appeared in court.

We checked in with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, but privacy laws prevent us from finding out if any complaints have ever been filed.

Gail Coontz is being held in a single cell, under observation, at Louisville Metro Corrections. Her bond is set at $500,000. She is expected back in court April 7th.

Online Reporter: Shayla Reaves

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway

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