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Fruit recall expanded due to listeria concerns


The FDA advises anyone who purchased these products to throw them away. 

Lightning strike may have started fire in 23,000 sq foot house


Arson investigators are still looking into whether it was the weather or something else that caused a fire in one of the largest houses in Jefferson County.

4-year-old boy banned from Connecticut doughnut shop


Kids say the darndest things, but one local inquisitive 4-year-old boy asked a question that got him banned from a Monroe doughnut shop.

Holiday World unveils new steel coaster, 'Thunderbird'


Holiday World has announced their new $22 million project and it is a steel B&M launched wing roller coaster called the Thunderbird.

Walterboro woman reunited with puppy months after car crash

A woman and her dog, who was thought to be dead following a car accident in May, were reunited earlier this week. On Monday, Sheri De Florio was reunited with her missing dog, Abbie.