Basketball Bribery Scandal

Billy Reed: Sokolove’s ‘Last Temptation’ book on Pitino worth the read

I wasn’t looking forward to reading author Michael Sokolove’s “The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino,” mainly because I’m sick and tired of one of the saddest stories I’ve ever watched happen.

NCAA Bribery Trial: Witness says Pitino ‘had no knowledge’ of Bowen payments

T.J. Gassnola, a coach and consultant for apparel giant Adidas, and a man described by college basketball writer Dan Wetzel as a “bag man,” testified that the disgraced UofL basketball coach didn’t know about any payments to Brian Bowen Sr.

Reports: Brian Bowen Sr. received $1,300 from former UofL assistant Kenny Johnson

The NCAA bribery trial yielded more explosive testimony from the father of the player at the center of the entire case Tuesday.

NCAA Recruiting Trial: 5 Twitter accounts you need to follow

The college basketball bribery trial began this week in New York, and accusations are flying.

Mediation ordered in UofL players’ lawsuit against NCAA

A judge has ordered mediation in the lawsuit between a group of UofL basketball players and the NCAA.

Jury selection begins in college basketball bribery trial

A jury is being chosen at a New York trial that's drawing attention to what some call the sleazy side of college basketball recruiting.

Basketball Bribery Scandal: Here are the questions prospective jurors will be asked

Jury selection begins next week in the FBI’s case against Adidas for the apparel giant’s alleged involvement in a pay-to-play scheme involving several universities, including the University of Louisville.

Rick Pitino has a Twitter account

The 66-year-old grandfather’s first tweet Thursday went viral, not because it was in any way groundbreaking, but because it’s Rick Pitino on Twitter.

Bevin hits back at ‘desperate, angry, bitter’ Pitino

Rick Pitino is making the media rounds promoting his new memoir, "Pitino: My Story." In it he calls Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin a "religious zealot," a man with a "puritanical streak."

In new book, Pitino calls NCAA investigation a ‘whitewash’

Pitino is full of criticism in his book, as he targets everyone he believes had a hand in his downfall -- especially the NCAA.

Judge dismisses Rick Pitino's lawsuit against Adidas without prejudice

Former UofL basketball coach Rick Pitino's lawsuit against Adidas was dismissed Tuesday, after a judge sided with the company's assertion that the matter first needed to go to arbitration outside of the court.

Court documents suggest Pitino knew schools offered money to star recruit

New federal court documents suggest former University of Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino knew other schools were not only recruiting Brian Bowen, but offering him big money.

Attorney blasts ‘morally bankrupt’ NCAA as Louisville players aim to restore 2013 crown

Lawyers representing several former UofL basketball players spoke for about an hour at a news conference Wednesday, sharing with local media some of the details of their lawsuit against the NCAA.

Judge orders Pitino, ULAA to discuss possibility of settlement

In the latest development in Rick Pitino v. the University of Louisville Athletic Association, a judge has ordered to parties to discuss the possibility of a settlement.

Bowen Speaks to ESPN

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   The former UofL recruit named in the F-B-I investigation of the school's basketball program, Brian Bowen spoke for the very first time to ESPN's Jeff Goodman. Bowen has been caught in the middle of everything going on at UofL that ultimately led to the firings of head coach, Rick Pitino and Athletics Director, Tom Jurich.  While on the ESPN show, "Outside the Lines" on Thursday, Bowen contended that he didn't know anything about a $100,000 ...

UofL Athletic Association sues Rick Pitino

The University of Louisville Athletic Association has sued former men's head basketball coach Rick Pitino.

Pitino seeks $35 million from UofL Athletic Association

Pitino was fired last month, by far the highest-profile coach to suffer the consequences of a far-reaching investigation into corruption and bribery that the FBI announced in September.

Rick Pitino seeks compensatory, punitive damages in lawsuit against Adidas

Rick Pitino has filed a lawsuit against Adidas America, Inc.

Adidas terminates agreement with Rick Pitino

Adidas has terminated its deal with Rick Pitino, sources with the company confirm.

Rick Pitino sells Louisville home, could learn fate Monday

The house is on Mockingbird Gardens Drive near the Crescent Hill Golf Course.

Rick Pitino issues statement of ‘a thousand thanks’

Rick Pitino issued a statement Friday in reaction to the school's basketball bribery scandal.