Your Money

Your Money: Oil, food stamps, company parties

Fewer companies are throwing Christmas parties for employees this year, and oil prices just did something they have never done before.

Your Money: UPS, Amazon, KFC

UPS avoids a holiday season strike with a last minute deal, and a new study says people have no idea if they are being paid fairly.

Your Money: Frontier, Coca-Cola, Disney

One airline is getting a lot of customer complaints, and Coca-Cola is coming out with its own brand of energy drinks.

Your Money: Samsung, Humana, American Airlines

Your Money: Amazon, UPS, divorce costs

Your Money: Costco leaks its Black Friday deals

Every weekday morning, Jane King has the top money headlines to help you make the best choices as a consumer.

Your Money: Maker’s Mark, Papa John’s, Texas Roadhouse

Maker's Mark has a new bourbon, and Papa John's could soon have a new owner.

Your Money: Best Buy, Apple, Amazon

Your Money: Buffalo Trace, Papa John’s, Sears

Your Money: Hershey, Ford, American Airlines

Your Money: UPS, drug prices, Google

Your Money: Ford, UPS, Yahoo

Your Money: Holiday hiring, Apple, UPS

Your Money: Papa John’s, climate change, NASA

Your Money: School of Rock, Louisville stocks, Kroger

Your Money: Amazon, Michael, American cheese

Your Money: Papa John’s, Google, Ford

Your Money: Yum brands, UPS, Amazon

Your Money: Toys ‘R’ Us, UPS, Movie Pass

Your Money: Facebook, Honda, retirement savings

Your Money: Rent, McDonald’s, Disney

Your Money: Amazon, interest rates, Brown-Forman

Your Money: Weight Watchers, Humana, Disney World