JCPS talks tentative budget for 2019-2020

The overall budget for Jefferson County Schools next year is set at over $1.7 billion.

Safety City celebrates 25 years of safety lessons for kids

Betsy DeVos discusses school choice alongside Governor Bevin in Lexington

  Waggener High teacher reassigned while district investigates fight with student

  Indiana, Kentucky governors push for more resources to help kids graduate, succeed

  Study: Drivers can save by pumping gas on specific days

Control of public education boards debated in KY Supreme Court

Continued Coverage

  More school districts receive subpoenas from Kentucky Labor Cabinet

State subpoenas JCPS teacher sickout records

Form and Function program teaches JCPS students about art, engineering

  Jeffersonville celebrates naming of new downtown elementary school

West End School students graduate from national leadership development program

  High school students get hands-on teaching on dangers of drunk driving

KDE gives JCPS schools mixed review; district announces key hire

The Kentucky Department of Education issued a mixed review of several JCPS schools Tuesday, citing a culture of hope and promise at some but also describing two principals who are unfit to lead.

  JCTC opens ‘The Hub’ to provide food, resources for students

A study conducted by the school showed that one in five students at JCTC have experienced some form of food insecurity over the past year.

JCPS opens kindergarten readiness camp registration

Camp Ready4K will be held July 11 through July 31, from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., at various Louisville locations.

  Report finds Indiana lagging behind neighboring states in education funding, teacher pay

A recent study found Indiana is below the national average and area states when it comes to funding schools and paying teachers.

  Middle schooler paints restrooms with meaningful phrases to raise classmates’ self-confidence

UK president says school will cover controversial mural; students end protest

Judge rules against NKY student in lawsuit over chicken pox vaccine

Measure that would have required citizenship-test passage for HS diplomas shot down in Indiana

St. Francis School expanding in downtown Louisville

Heuser Hearing & Language Academy gets $200,000 gift

  KY Education Commissioner: ‘I’m not referring the names of the teachers that I have to anyone’

On the last day of the legislature, JCTA and the Kentucky Department of Education asked teachers to stay in school, and they did.

  Longer JCPS school year brings shorter summer for seasonal businesses

Summer camps and businesses that employ students are facing a wave of rescheduling.

  Unions: Don’t listen to ‘rogue’ social media groups on sickout

JCTA said certain social media groups are spreading false information about sickouts and muddying the waters.

Education commissioner urges teachers to use personal, not sick leave for protests

Lewis sent a memo to 10 superintendents whose district was temporarily closed due to a high number of teacher absences.

  Louisville families learn valuable skills in free technology program

Graduates are leaving with skills that will help them get better jobs and earn more money.

Oldham Co., Bullitt Co. schools set graduation dates

Ceremonies for both school districts will be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

  JCPS, other districts send list of sickout teachers to state officials

Teachers across the state staged sickouts to attend protests in Frankfort of bills they believed would hurt public education.

High school students show support to Muslim community

A group of Valley High School students are showing their support for the Muslim community, a week after the deadly attack in New Zealand.

Positively WAVE: Principal spends entire Friday on treadmill

A JCPS principal spent the entire school day on a treadmill Friday, all for a good cause.

Jefferson County students show off aquaponics system at Hazard Middle School

Students from Western Middle School were in Hazard on Friday, sharing the work they're doing with aquaponics.

Bullitt County school board joins JCPS in asking state to drop request for teachers’ names

The two districts have aligned themselves against the state, standing with teachers.

  Silver Creek High students create Kentuckianapoly board game with local businesses

The project teaches students business, finance and sales skills, all through one little game.

  Bullitt County students building catapults for competition

Before they begin building their full-scale catapults, they took their prototypes to First Build for feedback.

  Lewis doubles down on request for names of sickout teachers, says ‘no disciplinary action will be taken’

Tuesday, the JCPS board issued a resolution asking Education Commissioner Dr. Wayne Lewis to withdraw his request for that list of names.

  Clarksville Community Schools sends ads to draw in students to district

Indiana allows parents to choose which district to send their children, and that makes the market competitive.

  Oldham County Schools teach students to aim for happiness ahead of success

A book has opened a new way of life for students at Oldham County Schools. The district is pushing a new way of thinking and living.

Multiple school district employees under investigation after alleged incidents involving students

Multiple school district employees were under investigation after alleged incidents involving students.

JCPS student arrested, charged with having gun at school

The teen told officers he had the gun because he was “worried some guys would jump him after school,” according to his arrest citation.

Students visit pretend hospital at Slugger Field

Thousands of kindergarten students will visit a pretend hospital and learn ways to stay safe.

  KDE chief defends request for teacher sickout records: ‘Not a scare tactic’

The leader of the Kentucky Department of Education is requesting the names of all the teachers who called out sick while protests were happening in Frankfort over the last two weeks.

Students moved to different classroom after tree falls on school

Strong storms passed through the region throughout the day and evening Thursday, causing plenty of damage and knocking out power for thousands of homes in the area.

KY education commissioner demands teacher attendance records in wake of sickouts

Education commissioner Wayne Lewis said he wants to ensure state law is upheld.

  JCPS students keep busy on day six of teacher sickout

While educators continue to rally in Frankfort, more than 100,000 students still out of school.

Chickenpox outbreak grows at NKY school

There are currently 32 cases at the school.

JCPS, Bullitt County Public Schools out Thursday, March 14

This comes amid weeks of sickouts organized by public school teachers who want to protest bills in Frankfort.

  Coaches and parents in college admissions scheme find jobs in danger

At a brief court appearance Wednesday, a judge allowed Lori Loughlin to be released on $1 million bond and travel to the area around Vancouver, Canada, to work but otherwise imposed strict travel restrictions.

  Bipartisan group of KY lawmakers say remaining controversial education bills will not pass

Lawmakers have seen red flood the Capitol for weeks now as teachers protest bills they fear may harm public education.

  Sickouts still happened despite district’s plan with union, so who organized them?

Jefferson County students were out of school again Wednesday as teacher call outs caused the district to cancel class for the fifth time in two weeks.

Oldham Co. votes to change calendar, will be in session Friday, March 15

The vote also amended the order of remaining make-up days, making the last day for students June 12.

JCPS continues to update last day of school, graduation dates and times

As of Wednesday, the last day for JCPS is June 6.

Billy Reed: College admissions scandal makes one wonder why rich people steal

It seems a bunch of rich people, including two Hollywood actresses, discovered they had children who either couldn’t or wouldn’t do the work necessary to get into prestigious universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Southern Cal.

Notable bills fizzle out in final days of KY legislative session

After Wednesday, there are only two legislative days left on the calendar, scheduled for Thursday and March 28.

  JCPS closed on Wednesday, March 13 due to teacher absences

This is the second consecutive day JCPS has closed due to teacher absences. It’s the fifth closure in the past two weeks.

$120 million project will bring new facilities, long-awaited renovations to JCPS buildings

The Jefferson County Board of Education unanimously approved a $120 million facilities plan at its meeting Tuesday.

KY Lawmaker: There’s no will to slip private school scholarship tax credits into revenue bill

Members of a conference committee did not discuss private school scholarship tax credits in their meeting Tuesday. Instead, they focused on making fixes to the way nonprofits are taxed.

JCPS Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio weighs in on sickouts

Dr. Marty Pollio says he's disappointing the deal between JCPS and JCTA fell through.

  SB 250 passes House, 54-42, heads to Bevin’s desk

Senate Bill 250, one of several education-related measures being considered during the final days of the legislative session, passed the House late Tuesday afternoon.

  Governor Bevin’s post on ‘sick of sickouts’ gets reaction

The governor's social media post was all the buzz in Frankfort. GOP sources said it was really about a deal struck between JCPS and JCTA -- a deal that fell through.

  JCPS students find places to go during another day of no school due to sickout

Several organizations, restaurants and even one JCPS school opened their doors for a safe place for children to go, and somewhere for them to have lunch.

Several locations to offer lunch for JCPS students; snow day sites open

Jefferson County Public Schools will be closed Tuesday but the district is offering lunch at several locations.

  Bevin says he’s ‘sick of sickouts,’ JCTA union president denies governor’s ‘bizarre’ claims

The potential for another sickout led to a heated social media exchange Monday night between Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and the president of the Jefferson County Teacher’s Association.

  JCPS closes Tuesday, March 12, reschedules ACT to April 24

Just after 10 p.m. Monday, Jefferson County Public Schools announced the district would be closed Tuesday, March 12.

  KEA asks teachers not to sickout ahead of ACT testing day

JCPS announced it has rescheduled the ACT test planned for Tuesday to April 24.

Group protests potential closure of JCPS elementary school

Under the proposed JCPS Facilities Plan, Watson Lane and Wilkerson Elementary Schools would both close, combining students into a new elementary school.

JCPS teachers, staff take on Harlem Wizards in charity basketball game

The game was a fundraiser to further programs at the schools involved.

  Teachers concerned proposed SBDM amendment will be slipped into student prayer bill

Last year’s unprecedented sickouts, in protest of the Kentucky legislature, have grown more common.

  JCPS students back in class after sickout, celebrate school with strong attendance

“Every day counts” was the message Friday afternoon at a surprise pop-up party for students at Western High School.

  Students get up close and personal with birds of prey

Some WAVE Country students got a unique chance for up close and personal time with some of nature's most notorious predators.

  Bills protested by teachers see little movement, but remain viable

While teachers protesting House Bill 525 could cheer about it not receiving a vote Thursday, House leadership said the bill could still come to the floor next week.

  Grassroots teacher sickout continues to grow

Angry voices again filled the capitol while people line up outside to join in. No one waited for the union to tell them what to do.

  Teacher sickout doesn’t stop the learning at Southern High School

Despite the sickout at JCPS, more than 30 Southern High School students still came in Thursday along with about 20 of their teachers.

  New plan would allow JCPS teachers to protest in Frankfort without shutting down schools

A deal is in the works that would allow nearly 500 JCPS teachers to protest in Frankfort without the threat of another sickout and missed classroom time.

  Bevin reacts to closures: 'Children should be in school’

School districts in Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt counties have canceled classes Thursday due to teacher absences.

  JCPS teachers make sure missed school days don’t mean missed meals

For many JCPS families, school closures mean a lot more than just missed class. It could mean a missed meal.

  Protests focus on different bill, teachers remain watchful of past legislation

Teachers taking to Frankfort during another sickout came protesting multiple bills Wednesday.

  Who is JCPS Leads? New group of teachers forms, successfully organizes ‘sickout’

Teachers from JCPS rallied in Frankfort on Wednesday in opposition of SB 250.

  Divided room debates private school scholarship tax credit bill

It’s not the same bill that prompted a teacher sickout across Kentucky last week, but a different piece of legislation put red shirts in seats Tuesday in Frankfort.

  Educators remain concerned about private school tax credits, pension board bill

The controversial pension board bill, House Bill 525, which prompted a sickout across the state last week, saw its first opportunity to be passed by the House.