Mother burned when sippy cup exploded in her face, she says

An attorney says the company who makes the sippy cup doesn’t believe an explosion could have happened if the cup was being used properly and wants to do testing on it.

Bob Costas leaving NBC, where he spent four decades and hosted Olympics

Michigan State University interim president resigns over comments on Larry Nassar’s victims

American killed in Kenya attack survived 9/11 attacks, founded consulting business

EPA nominee says climate change is real, but it’s not ‘the greatest crisis’

Hyundai and Kia recalling 168,000 cars over engine fire problem

Studies: Antarctica losing 252 billion tons of ice a year, oceans hotter than ever

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Tennessee teacher who fled with student gets 20 years

Hundreds of elk run across highway in Washington

Trump signs law giving back pay to federal workers

‘A blizzard of prescriptions’: Lawsuit alleges OxyContin maker knowingly created ‘manmade disaster’ of opioid abuse

2 fifth-graders planned to murder classmate, Florida police say

Former NFL player confronts man accused of peeping through daughter’s window

  Steve Carell, ‘Office’ creator to reunite for Netflix series ‘Space Force’

Netflix announced Wednesday that Steve Carell joins Greg Daniels, who created the U.S. version of “Office,” for a new show, “Space Force.”

Seattle homes attract fewer multiple bids as market cools

Seattle's days as a real estate market where homes attract multiple bids are slowing down

  Sears staves off liquidation; stores to stay open, reports say

Multiple media outlets reported early Wednesday that billionaire Eddie Lampert has won a bankruptcy auction after strengthening his bid in several days of negotiations with creditors.

Michael Strahan offers dinner to Clemson football team after White House fast food feast

“Whoever can make it - we’ll have lobster," Strahan said on-air.

British PM May survives no-confidence vote, but no closer to Brexit deal

Screen time may not actually be bad for children, study finds

Celebrity chef will serve free meals daily to furloughed federal workers in Washington

GRAPHIC: 2 US service members, 2 US civilians killed in Syria blast

‘To Catch a Predator’ host Chris Hansen arrested, charged with bouncing checks

GRAPHIC: Man stabs wheelchair-bound woman 116 times, police say

Dog rescued from icy pond in Ohio

A dog pulled from an icy pond in Franklin, OH, is warming up after a successful rescue.

Moon river: Giant ice disk spins in Maine

The ice disk is about 100 yards across and looks a bit like a full moon.

Microsoft and Walgreens partner to take on Amazon in health care

The two companies said the partnership will help Walgreens gain personalized data about their customers' health. (Source: CNN)

Senators consider former lobbyist as EPA’s permanent chief

In line with Trump's regulation-cutting ethos, the agency under Wheeler has moved forward on major rollbacks and pending rollbacks of Obama-era environmental measures.

Driver escapes seconds before train crashes into car

The driver, 96-year-old Antoinette Lazzara, was stuck on the tracks at the railroad crossing. She was apparently disoriented and had trouble getting out of the car as the train approached.

Because of government shutdown, man who wants to start new job is stuck in IRS limbo

The truck driver said he’s found a job that’ll give him the opportunity to spend more time with his family, but there’s a snag because of the partial federal government shutdown, now in its 26th day.

  Convicted Colorado killer Chris Watts’ home up for auction

The house is reported worth $510,000, according to

Attorney general nominee Barr seeks to assure senators he won’t be a Trump loyalist

So far, William Barr's comments have pointedly departed from Trump’s own views and underscored his efforts to reassure Democrats that he will not be a loyalist to the president.

Ford unveils most powerful Mustang yet

The new 2020 Shelby GT500 is expected to have more than 700 horsepower. It should go 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.

After a young man, 23, died in a car accident, his kidney donation saved his father’s life

The 23-year-old's heart, liver and second kidney will be donated to other patients in need.

Woman fights ticket for honking at officer

In Auburn several weeks ago, the woman said a cop in an unmarked SUV peeled out in front of her as she swerved to avoid him. She honked.

UK government faces no-confidence vote after Brexit defeat

British Prime Minister Theresa May is battling to save her job after staking her political reputation on a last-ditch effort to win support for the divorce agreement she negotiated with the European Union.

Young man, 18, feared dead after being swept into ocean following 15-foot fall

After days of searching, the 18-year-old is still classified as a missing person, but the sheriff’s office says the search has shifted from rescue to recovery mode.

‘Superhero’ boy alerts RI firefighters to blaze at children’s hospital

When a blaze broke out on the third floor roof at a Rhode Island children's hospital, one boy, the younger brother of a patient, was paying attention.

China might have just grown the first plant on the moon

A Chinese probe on the moon has sprouted cotton seeds, according to Chinese state media.

Hit-and-run driver kills gas station manager over $22, police say

Surveillance video shows a driver who police say ran over a gas station manager to avoid paying $22 for gas.

Nike unveils shoes that can lace using an app

Nike unveiled its newest self-lacing technology Tuesday called Nike Adapt BB. The self-lacing basketball show is controlled by an app.

‘The Situation’ begins prison sentence for tax fraud

Mike Sorrentino, who starred on “Jersey Shore” from 2009-12, began an eight-month sentence on Tuesday in New York.

Jailed man says he tried to revive teen after police say he gave her drugs

A Kentucky man is behind bars after police say he carried an unresponsive woman into the men’s bathroom of a McDonald’s after he gave her what is suspected to be methamphetamine.

6 men lured teen boy and held him as sex slave for a year, Florida authorities charge

The 15-year-old was lured "by the promise of a better life" police said, but instead was held in a "filthy trailer, covered in animal feces" and sexually abused.

Acting AG Whitaker to testify as Democrats ramp up oversight

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Feb. 8, appearing as one of the new Democratic majority’s first witnesses as they seek to provide more stringent oversight of President Donald Trump.

UK Parliament overwhelmingly rejects May’s Brexit deal

The 432-202 vote in the House of Commons was widely expected but still devastating for May, whose fragile leadership is now under siege.

  'I am going to run’: Kirsten Gillibrand latest Democrat in 2020 field

Kirsten Gillibrand has already made plans to campaign in Iowa over the weekend, more than a year before the leadoff caucus state votes.

‘McJesus’ sculpture sparks outrage among Israel’s Christians

The museum has refused to remove the artwork, saying that doing so would infringe on freedom of expression.

WV lawmakers propose putting $10 million of the state’s money toward border wall

One of the lawmakers, a 19-year-old college student considered the youngest black legislator in the U.S., linked his support for the proposal to the opioid crisis, which has hit West Virginia particularly hard.

11-year-old girl punched in face outside NC mall; Man charged with assault

A 51-year-old man has been charged with assaulting an 11-year-old girl and two 13-year-old girls outside a mall in Asheville, NC.

Upset by playoff loss, Eagles fan attacks girlfriend and puts dog in microwave, police say

Police in Hanover Township told The Morning Call that 31-year-old Kirsten J. Gaskins was so upset by the Eagles’ playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints, she attacked her girlfriend and put her girlfriend’s dog inside a microwave.

The IRS is recalling 46,000 workers to handle tax returns

The IRS workforce is being recalled to handle tax returns and pay out refunds.

Florida police K-9 given Narcan after overdosing on the job

Jake accidentally snorted up the narcotic ecstasy while screening passengers at Port Canaveral as they boarded the Norwegian Epic

Trump’s AG nominee Barr backs Mueller probe, supports border ‘barrier’

Nominee William Barr is expected to be confirmed, unless there is a major surprise during the hearing. It would be his second stint as attorney general.

Let the streaming wars begin; new services are everywhere

TV streaming services are multiplying like rabbits. At least three major players debut in 2019 with more on the way.

Millennial women participate more in job market, says Bloomberg report

Women between the ages of 25 and 34 accounted for more than 76 percent of people either working or actively looking for work

‘David versus Goliath’: McDonald’s loses ‘Big Mac’ trademark dispute to small Irish chain Supermac’s

The U.S. fast food chain had won a prior battle in European courts.

Confederate ‘Silent Sam’ base removed from UNC campus

In August of 2018 about 250 protesters on UNC’s campus knocked over the Silent Sam Confederate statue leaving only the base behind

Gymboree preparing to file for bankruptcy and close all its stores

Bankruptcy means possibly shuttering all 900 stores the company operates under the Gymboree, Janie and Jack and Crazy 8 brands in the United States and Canada.

Shutdown standoff: Dems rebuff Trump invite, thwarting effort to bypass Pelosi

The administration is trying to peel off Democratic support for Trump's demand for border wall money and negotiate directly with centrist lawmakers and some newly elected freshmen, including those in districts where Trump is popular.

Mass overdose possibly fueled by fentanyl kills 1, sickens about a dozen

Having so many lives on the line strained city resources, officials said. It was like nothing they'd ever experienced.

Facility where vegetative woman gave birth launches internal review

Hacienda Healthcare picked a former prosecutor to lead the review into the incident. The facility is also being investigated by the state regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

  Democrats consider subpoena for interpreter of Trump-Putin meeting

The official said Trump even confiscated his interpreter’s notes after talks with Putin in Germany in 2017 and reportedly told the interpreter to keep quiet about what was said in the room.

Lack of sleep linked to cardiovascular disease, study says

Plaque buildup increases risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Judge orders Trump administration to remove citizenship question from 2020 census

The administration is expected to quickly file an appeal.

3 deputies shot while serving warrant in TX

The deputies were serving the warrant at about 9:30 p.m. Monday when a suspect inside opened fire. All three deputies were listed in fair condition.

Netflix to raise prices on all its subscription plans

Its most popular plan will see the largest hike, to $13 per month from $11. That option offers high-definition streaming on up to two different internet-connected devices simultaneously. Even at the higher price, that plan is still a few dollars cheaper than HBO, whose streaming service charges $15

‘Is this the best a man can get?’: New Gillette ad challenges men to ‘be better’

Company officials say they have no plans to pull the ad in the face of some negative reaction.

Double amputee overcomes challenges, bowls a perfect 300

Ricky Rader has always been a great bowler, spending years perfecting his game. Now, he is overcoming new obstacles as he adapts to bowling with two prosthetic legs.

‘He was my best friend’: Teen’s service dog shot, killed outside home

Journey, a golden retriever was Hannah Westmoreland’s sidekick for four years. Authorities are investigating the incident.

Broadway legend Carol Channing dies at age 97

Known for her smile and raspy voice, actress Carol Channing spent most of her career on stage in such musicals as "Hello, Dolly!" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

Truck carrying $10 million worth of liquid meth seized by investigators in Georgia

Authorities arrested the owner of the auto repair shop where the truck was found on accusations of smuggling the drugs from Mexico.

Toddler froze to death overnight after letting herself out of NH home, police say

The police chief says neighbors found the 2-year-old unresponsive, wearing only pajamas and no shoes, in the morning outside her apartment building.

Wife and lover, both soldiers, accused of murder plot in death of her sergeant husband

Kemia Hassel and Jeremy Cuellar were charged in a murder plot in the death of Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III, in order to collect on his life insurance policy.

R. Kelly accused of threatening and intimidating alleged victim

An alleged sexual assault victim of R. Kelly's claims he tried to threaten and intimidate her for filing a lawsuit against him.

10 years later, lives changed and better lived are legacy of ‘Miracle on the Hudson’

Survivors recount how that day led to big life changes and small everyday choices, and to feeling joy more readily.

3 siblings struck by car at PA bus stop; 1 killed

It happened when an approaching car stopped at a nearby stop sign, then turned right onto the street where the children were.

River of liquid chocolate spills near AZ highway after truck crash

Forty-thousand pounds of liquid chocolate spilled out after a truck transporting it rolled over.

GOP Rep. King loses committee posts over racial remarks

Veteran Republican Rep. Steve King will be blocked from committee assignments for the next two years after lamenting that white supremacy and white nationalism have become offensive terms.

Silicon Valley apartment rented to cats for $1,500 a month

A landlord in San Jose, CA, is renting a studio apartment to two cats.

Woman’s 90 birthday candles set off fire alarm

Firefighters responded to the “emergency” and stayed for the party.

Person got gun through airport security in Atlanta, flew with it to Tokyo

The gun went through a checkpoint in the carry-on of a passenger who had forgotten it was in there on Jan. 2.