Meet Louisville’s cloned dog

For so many of us, a dog or cat is like a family member. And when they pass away, we wish we could do anything to bring them back. One local woman did just that. She cloned her dog.

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MacCoins are available starting today

Starting at lunch time, you can start collecting  MacCoins, which can be used for a free Big Mac, starting on Friday.

Mom's back-to-school rant goes viral

One mom blogger tells parents to quit complaining about back to school shopping because teachers deserve nice things.

Very tall music fan wins the internet by watching entire concert on his knees so that fans behind him can see

A 6'10'' man watches entire Halsey concert on his knees so that fans behind him could see. His thoughtfulness has taken the internet by storm.

Barbie has a new career building robots

Barbie has a new career in the STEM field as a robotics engineer.

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