Think twice before sharing personal info on receipts, questionnaires

What would you do for a bargain? Would you give out your personal information? These days, restaurants and department stores are often linked to surveys and questionnaires which enable consumers to receive discounts.

Beth Givens of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse explains. "It's called Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. They're basically gathering more information so they can pinpoint you more closely with products or services that they might have."

However, before you fill them out, Givens says there are some important things to be aware of.

Some privacy experts feel these surveys can be a way of creating elaborate databases, trading personal information for mailing lists and junk mail. Keep in mind different stores and fast food establishments have different reasons for collecting this information.

Despite the possibility of having their personal information being shared, many consumers say the potential savings are hard to pass up.

It's also important to know that there is nothing illegal about these surveys. During these tough economic times, department stores and restaurants are looking for ways to get an edge, and to get costumers to keep coming back.

If that means promises or deals for personal information, then you have to decide, is it worth it?