Avoid the top 5 real estate mistakes

There are many factors driving our current economic crisis, one of which includes a lousy real estate market. So what to do if you still need to jump in and sell your home?

Experts suggest you try and avoid the five most common mistakes people make.

Mistake Number 5:
For starters, some choose to sell their own home in hopes of avoiding having to pay a commission.

Most realtors will tell you this is not the way to go. Many of us are too emotionally connected to our homes and run the risk of being offended if a potential buyer asks too many questions.

Mistake Number 4:
Another thing to avoid: not maximizing your marketing strategy, especially on the Internet. It's estimated that 80 to 90 percent of buyer's begin their home search on the Internet. That means your listing on the web should have a number of quality photos.

Mistake Number 3:
Not providing access to your property. If a property is inaccessible and somebody makes a request to see it and you aren't able to show it to them, it's quite likely that they're not going to come back.

Mistake Number 2:
Not paying attention to your home's condition. You want to make sure the condition of your home is perfect. That means de-clutter, de-personalize and fix any problems there might be.

Mistake Number 1:
Last but not least, the number 1 mistake people make is not making sure the price is right. In years past, it was location, location, location. In a down market it's price, price, price.

Do your homework, compare your house to others for sale in the area and be realistic. Hopefully, by practicing these quick simple tips, your home will result in a quick simple sale.