How to cut your meat bill

The grocery story can eat up a big portion of your monthly budget. And the meat aisle is one of the main budget busters. But trimming your family's food budget may be as simple as the cut of meat you choose and shoppers should start with what's on sale.

After locating the sale items, ask the butcher or meat manager to slice it up into portions suitable for your family and your freezer. The savings can add up. For example, whole fryers were $1.39 a pound at one store recently, versus one that's pre-cut and packed at $1.69 a pound.

The same is true for other meats. Why buy pre-cut chops for convenience if they're not on sale?

Andre Ranew a grocery manager explains. "Here's the center cut loin pork chops, $4.29 a pound, compared to $3.99 a pound. We'll gladly cut this up and package it any way you want it at no extra charge."

And for those of you who want to splurge, there's a way to slice steak that will slash the price.

"In a Porterhouse T-bone, the top portion here is what we call a New York Strip, the bottom portion is a Fillet," Ranew explained. "In my house, the wife gets the better cut, the fillet; I get the New York Strip."

So for those of you who thought a visit to the butcher was a thing of the past, think again. Having your meats cut the old-fashioned way, also cuts down on your bill at the register. Usually it's a 20 to 30 percent savings when something is on sale