Shively homeowners to be fined for parking in yards

Mike Burden
Mike Burden
Jaimie Guillory
Jaimie Guillory

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SHIVELY, KY (WAVE) - If you live in the city of Shively, there are a new set of rules when it comes to parking at your home. If you break these rules, which have actually been on the books for years, prepare to pay a fine.

Officials in Shively say they are trying to be fair, but enough is enough. Parking in front yards has been against the law for about five years, but now the law has expanded to back and side yards. If you get caught, it's going to cost you.

"It just got to the point where we were getting so many calls that we decided to step it up," said Mike Burden, Shively Code Enforcement officer, who also said that things need to change. "Once we get everyone on board it's going to look a lot nicer."

The first time you get caught, there will be just a warning. According to Burden, residents will be given ten days to take care of the problem. Get caught a second time within that same year and you face a $25 to $50 fine. If you get caught a third time, the fine doubles.

Because he leaves for work before his wife and gets home first, Shively resident Jaimie Guillory had his car parked in the front yard. For him, not parking in the yard is a huge inconvenience. Guillory says he has tried to keep both cars in the driveway, but trying to pull around his wife's car would mean tearing up the neighbor's yard.

"Instead of having to move vehicle after vehicle to get out, usually we try to leave a little space," said Guillory. "It's simpler; the easiest thing to do is park in the front of your own home."

Guillory told WAVE 3 he just learned about the new rules from neighbors, and said that some sort of explanation would be nice.

Burden says the law is being enforced for several reasons, including the environmental problems when oil and transmission fluids leak into the soil. But the biggest reason he said are property values.

"It is in their best interest, in the long run, that we do this because it might be their property that is up for sale one day," said Burden.

Burden knows it is going to take some time to spread the word and says he is giving everyone the benefit of the doubt - at least for now - to "try to give time to understand what we're doing. But I feel like we really are getting it done slowly but surely."

There are several days throughout the year when the parking restrictions will not apply. Residents will be allowed to park in their yards during major holidays and a few others, like Derby Day, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day.

If you have questions about the ordinance, you can call Shively City Hall at (502) 449-5000.

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