Mayor says furloughs and job cuts possible next fiscal year

By Scott Harvey - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Are things going to get worse for Louisville Metro Government before they get better? Many seem to think so. Thursday afternoon, Mayor Jerry Abramson talked about next year's budget and said nothing is ruled out, including job cuts and more furloughs.

Metro Government has to pass a new budget by July 1. Last year, the Metro faced a $20 million shortfall. While Abramson would not speculate on what this year looks like, he said that all projections show revenues are flat and there are some fixed costs that are going up, like union contracts and health care prices.

Abramson called a closed door meeting with Metro Council President David Tandy, as well as the chair and vice chair of the Budget Committee. Six weeks before the new budget is dues, they are already discussing ways on how they can save money.

"I asked the council members over the next several weeks to work with their colleagues to see if they can get a consensus in terms of services that are lower on the priority for this community to deliver, functions that might be lower on priority in terms of this community to deliver. Departments, we are looking at reorganizing local government, in terms of merging departments or consolidating efforts," said Abramson.

Merging departments was the biggest thing mention by Abramson. If some departments are merged or consolidated, Abramson said there could be a loss of jobs through attrition.

When asked about furlough days, Abramson used his patented line, simply saying, "Anything's on the table."

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