Students tackle Infield cleanup at Churchill Downs

By Shayla Reaves - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - With the 135th Run for the Roses wrapped up, the next job to tackle was the mess. We caught up with high school students cleaning the infield at Churchill Downs.

Derby Day fans are gone, but the infield is full of everything they left behind. Students from Moore, Atherton and Fairdale High Schools met to clean up the mess at Churchill Downs. In some ways the work seemed more like a scavenger hunt than work at all.

"Found some beads and some pants so I put them on," said Fairdale High School Baseball player Austin Crawford."I found a camera too.  I figured I'd get that developed and see what's in there."

"I found some beads, I was going to wrap them around my neck but I don't know where they've been," said Moore High School student Jussten Thomas.

Findings also included tarps, chairs and even wet food.

"There's a turkey leg on the roof, there's just a turkey leg sitting on the roof," said Atherton High School student Will Jones.

"We found condoms and cigars and puke and food, just all kind of nasty stuff," Atherton student Hannah Cotton said.

Even though many did not participate in Derby day activities, they still got to take part in this piece of the action.

"It's like the biggest party of the day...biggest party of the night," Addison Crawford said.

"I found money but it was fake," Thomas said.

For some, the payoff was still worth the weekend hours spent. Some students earned extra credit for school and others collected discarded cans as part of a team fundraiser.

"It is benefiting our school and I get extra credit for this," said student Jessica Ensy."It feels good."

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