Authorities searching for missing Bullitt County teen

Tori Bowen (Photo courtesy: Bowen family)
Tori Bowen (Photo courtesy: Bowen family)

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SHEPHEDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police in Bullitt County are calling it a strange disappearance as investigators look for a 17-year-old girl who vanished two weeks ago. Tori Bowen did not have a cell phone or car and did not take anything with her other than her purse. Her family and detectives are now asking for the public's help.

"Yeah, her family is a good family. They are good people," said Det. Scotty McGaha with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department. He says Tori Bowen is just gone.

"A guy right up the road said she walked up there, was up there for about two or three minutes and that was the last anyone has seen her," said Melissa Bowen, Tori's mother.

Melissa says everything was fine the night before her daughter vanished. "Her brother, and myself, and her dad were all sitting around playing Scrabble and cards. We just sat around and had a good night."

For the Bowen family, it was the last good night they had had in awhile.

"It will be two weeks tomorrow [Wednesday] and nobody knows anything and nobody has seen anything," said Melissa, who told WAVE 3 Tori had no reason to leave.

"She was actually getting ready to start work," Melissa said. "She was looking forward to it because she wanted to be more independent, you know, do more things on her own."

But leaving without a trace was not one of them. "This isn't like her," Melissa said. "She's never run off. She's a grounded girl and this is not like her."

Melissa said she understands Tori's need for independence. "If she wants to be grown up, be grown up, but be grown up and call home and let your parents know you're ok."

The other strange thing is Tori has not called anyone.

"The friends are actually calling the mother to ask her if she's heard from Tori," McGaha said.

Melissa describes her daughter as a typical teenage girl, saying she spent much of her time on MySpace. But Melissa says they checked Tori's MySpace page and it has been deleted.

"Either she deleted it or whoever she's with, it's gone," said Melissa.  "Because we tried to pull it back up and we were going to send her a message and it was gone."

"We love her and miss her and we are scared to death," Melissa said. "We don't know what she's doing. We would just like a phone call.  If she doesn't want to come home, that's fine."

If you have any information on where Tori Bowen may be, call the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department's anonymous tip line at (502) 543-1262.

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