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Police and victim talk about serial sexual assault arrest

Mark Layne Adams (Photo courtesy: Louisville Metro Corrections) Mark Layne Adams (Photo courtesy: Louisville Metro Corrections)

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 News broke the story Tuesday night about the arrest of a suspect in the East End sexual attacks. Now we can tell you what led police to the 48-year-old man charged with the crimes.

Mark Adams is charged with rape, attempted rape, sodomy, sexual assault and burglary. The charges stem from attacks on five women in 1996, 1997, 2002, 2006 and 2008. Police say Adams attacked one of the victims twice in the same night and then again two years later. Adams is looking at a pretty long time behind bars if convicted and according to one of the women police say he attacked, he deserves it.

"I thought, that's him, the way that he just moved and his demeanor," said the 2002 attack survivor.

It was video of Adams facing a judge that sealed it for the attack survivor. Her reaction: "I got the bastard."

Since 2002, she's been waiting to see him behind bars. "You kind of, you give up hope that anything is going to happen," she said. "Who would think, seven years? This was a cold case."

Detective Mona Sullivan was determined to make sure something would happen. Thanks to a cold case grant from the National Institute of Justice, LMPD has money to pay for detectives to comb through old cases. Major Joe Richardson said it pays for things like going through all the sexual assault cases in the county from 1994 to 2002.

"Every one of those cases was reviewed," Richardson said. "The '96 case came out of those boxes, the DNA hit."

It was that case that linked the same man to two other sexual assaults. Police realized they had a serial attacker on their hands. Sullivan started calling other victims.

The woman attacked in 1997 mentioned her attacker stole property that was found a year later in Adams possession. Sullivan said, "the one item that got me heading down the path toward him ... Once I saw the picture, it started making sense, 'Wow, he fits the profile.'"

Then came April 12, Easter Sunday. That is when Sullivan said she, "Decided to run on a hunch and figure out where he might be and a miracle happened. I think something inside of me told me, 'Well this is a good day to do a traffic stop.'"

Adams was arrested on a warrant for not showing up for court. Police got another warrant and took a DNA sample. They say it came back a match and on Tuesday, Adams was locked up.

"He was expecting us," Sullivan said. "He just didn't know when and our day had come."

Neither Sullivan nor the victim where there when Adams was arrested, but the victim said to WAVE 3, "It's like I told the detective, I wish I was there for the arrest, but they might be arresting me."

But that anger, the doubt that this day would ever come, she said, "It's getting better. It's good today."

Police say Adams has served time in an Indiana prison for gun-related charges. His own mother took out a 2005 protective order, saying she feared her son would kill her, that he was increasingly violent and at the time was in trouble for choking his boss.

Investigators say Adams has never been in trouble for a sex-related case, although they don't think the five women he is charged for attacking are the only ones he's targeted.

If you've been assaulted and any of his pictures look familiar, Louisville Metro Police want you to give them a call at 574-LMPD or click on the highlighted link: Contact LMPD.

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