Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels rallying support for his proposed budget

By Chris McGill - bio | email
Posted By Mike Dever - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels made a stop in New Albany Thursday to talk about the state's special session and the status of Indiana's budget crisis.

Daniels is blaming Indiana's Democratic House speaker Tim Bauer for pushing his House to support a budget that the Governor believes will end up hurting Hoosiers rather than helping them.

"The house budget that speaker Bauer ran through last week raids the teacher's pension fund," Daniels said. "It raids the major moves highway construction fund and resorts to other gimmicks of that kind and it's simply unacceptable."

Rep. Steve Stemler (D-Indiana) says it's not completely a battle of parties that's causing the delay, but he feels there needs to be more money in the new budget for education in Indiana.

Under the Governor's proposed budget Stemler says he believes "education takes a strong hit, and we have some differences on the education formula and how he's going to fund school. We feel now's the time to invest in education in Indiana - and more so now than ever because people are looking for opportunities to better themselves and be better prepared for when the upside does come again."

Gov. Daniels insists that the House version of the proposed budget will force newer, higher taxes on Hoosiers. Daniels says Indiana is only one of eight states in the country that hasn't yet raised taxes, and he wants it to stay that way.

In any case, both sides seem to agree on one thing: that there will be some sort of compromise before the session wraps up June 30.

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