Car Break-ins up in East-end neighborhood

By Shayla Reaves - bio | email

Louisville, KY(WAVE)- Coming home for the summer, means returning to Woods of St. Thomas for Brian Cox. That's where the college student woke up to a mess in his otherwise neatly kept neighborhood last week.

"Everything was moved around, opened the dash," said Cox. "My five dollars was missing, wallet was gone too actually."

On June 25th, police say reports of seven car break-ins reached the department from Woods of St. Thomas alone. Within five days thirteen other car break-in calls came in from surrounding east-end neighborhoods.

"The only thing really unusual is the sheer number all at once," LMPD 8th Division Lt. Robert Schroeder said.

Police say the break-ins happened between midnight and six in the morning, while the homeowners slept inside. Some drivers left cars locked and parked in driveways overnight, while others like Cox, left the door unlocked, expecting to meet with friends for breakfast in the morning. It's something the college student says he rarely does and still enough to make him a target.

"Got home about one o'clock, left my car open had five dollars in it, came out the next morning at six to go to work and someone had been in it," he said of the break-in."My mom had an I-phone charger stolen, 20 bucks value, nothing much but looking for little simple stuff they could pawn off I guess."

Police say neighborhood location can play a roll when it comes to these types of crimes. Still, they say these are crimes that can happen anywhere.

"It's a neighborhood near the expressway, usually that area is dark it's not heavily traveled...basically for a lack of a better word it is a bedroom community where people don't normally expect to see that kind of activity," Schroeder said of the Woods of St. Thomas area. "We're in tough economic times and unfortunately some people are going to look for money in ways they shouldn't and try and get it from people."

Police say items most often stolen from cars include docking stations, chargers, gym bags, brief cases, laptops, satellite radios, cd players and vehicle registration papers. Three key tips to stay safe include not leaving your valueables in sight, never leaving your vehicle running unattended and always lock your vehicle and enabling the alarm system if one is installed.

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