Authorities release 911 tapes from Jeffersonville standoff

By Scott Reynolds - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - SWAT teams and police are always hope for a peaceful ending, but that did not happen in a standoff with a bank robbery suspect on Saturday in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Tuesday, Jeffersonville Police released the conversations between officers and 48-year-old Robert Grattan, Jr.

It all began Saturday afternoon with a call to Clark County 911 from the Meijer store at 10th Street and Allison Lane in Jeffersonville.

911 operator: "Police 911. What's your emergency?
Caller: "The bank at Meijer just got robbed."

A short time later and a couple miles away, police found Grattan on Springdale Drive in his pickup truck. Because he had a cell phone they were able to establish that important line of communication.

Grattan: "It was stupid of me to put myself in this position. It was an act of desperation."

Grattan would not put his gun down as he explained how he lost his daughter in a custody battle and that she didn't want to see him anymore. Negotiators kept telling him to put the gun down, step out of the truck and everything would be fine.

Grattan: "How do I know I won't get shot? I see about a half dozen guys who look like they're dying to shoot me."

Grattan wanted to grab another phone near his truck, but he wouldn't step out without his weapon.

Police officer on Phone with Grattan: "You cannot think that they're gonna let you get out with that gun. Now be reasonable.

Despite the attempts of two female officers to befriend, calm and assure Grattan with talk of family and safety, the conversation always came back to the SWAT team surrounding his truck.

Grattan: "The new guy. Boy he looks like he's itching to shoot.
Police: "There's no one itching to shoot. These guys are highly trained. There's no itchin' to shoot."

4 ½ hours later, police say Grattan came out of his truck, pointing his loaded weapon at some of the officers. Grattan died from a single gunshot wound to the lower torso.

Police told WAVE 3 it appeared Grattan was living in his truck.

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