Retired Broadcaster remembers television legend

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -The world lost an icon.  The world lost a T.V. legend.  Walter Cronkite pioneered television news.  At the age of 92, he left behind a legacy.  Retired Louisville Broadcaster Milton Metz remembered when his path crossed with Cronkite's.

Like Cronkite, Metz spent many years on television.  Metz also spent time on the radio for his show 'Metz Here'.  The retired host said he liked to talk about various issues on his show.  He remembered the good 'old days in the industry.  During that time, he interviewed Walter Cronkite about 3 times when he was in town for the Derby.  "I said Walter, you're in millionaires row and just like that he said, 'well, not until I saw you Milton', which was pretty endearing," Metz remembered.

While Metz says he and Cronkite weren't close friends, the pair played tennis together.  "I once went up to New York and gracious guy that he was, he invited me to play tennis," Metz said.

Cronkite told Metz that he loved to come to Louisville.  "He was always complimentary of it," Metz said.

People were also complimentary of Cronkite's talent.  Cronkite became the voice and the face people trusted.  "He spoke the truth and spoke it objectively.  It's very hard to be objective no matter how good a news person you want to be," Metz said.

Cronkite talked people through the best and toughest moments in U.S. History.  "The only time he ever spoke up, which made him sort of a hero, when he said it wasn't wise to be in Vietnam anymore," Metz said.  "He was a witness to many great things, but as a person, which is the way I knew him rather than his news icon, he was just a regular guy," Metz said.