Maintenance man accused of urinating on court worker's chair

Stephen Stewart (Source: Clark County Jail)
Stephen Stewart (Source: Clark County Jail)
Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart
Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart

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JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A Clark Circuit Court employee contacted a building supervisor after she showed up for work several times to find her chair wet. She was shocked to learn it may have been caused by a maintenance worker who was allegedly urinating in the chair. He was arrested after police reviewed footage from a hidden camera appearing to catch him in the act.

The restrooms in the Clark County government building are clearly marked, but Stephen Thompson allegedly wasn't interested in finding a restroom to relieve himself.

Instead, Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart says Thompson, 58, a maintenance man who worked third shift, urinated on a chair.

"This is something that, in my years as a prosecutor, I have never seen," Stewart said.

"I can't say he was doing his job that night," Stewart said. "As I understand it, he felt that he'd been slighted by somebody on the Clark Circuit Court staff."

The employee had noticed her chair was damp on several occasions upon arriving at work. Now Stewart says "she's surprised - disgusted."

When she notified the building supervisor about the wet seat, a hidden camera was installed. Thompson was allegedly caught on video urinating in the chair soon after.

"The video isn't of a high enough quality to make out specific body parts," Stewart said. "But everything else associated with a male urinating is shown on this video."

DNA from the wet chairs is being analyzed to confirm that it matches Thompson's.

"As I said, I don't know whether this was one that has some sexual motivation, or whether it was just a perverted way to get back at somebody - I don't really know." Stewart said. "But it will be taken seriously."

Thompson has been charged with two counts of attempted battery by bodily waste. He was arrested Wednesday and posted bond.

Stewart says Thompson has been fired.

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