Heavy rains causing widespread flooding in Kentuckiana

Posted By Mike Dever - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A severe thunderstorm has left Kentuckiana with flooded streets, with people trapped in cars and stranded in neighborhoods. Police are urging people to stay home and off the streets until the threat passes - and do not, under any circumstances, try to drive through high water.

Louisville Fire & Rescue has been called to help several people stranded in their cars after driving through high water.

Maj. Richard L. Haines was on one of the first calls for help in the Highlands. "At approximately 9 a.m. this morning, we received a call to respond to Grinstead and Cherokee Road on a water rescue. At Longest and Grinstead, we found about three cars submerged about halfway up to their doors in water down here at the bottom, near Cave Hill Cemetery.

Haines says there were still two to three people inside the car, and that the water was approximately up to the middle of the doors. "Within a matter of minutes, the water was over top of the doors and pouring into the vehicles. We used some rescue apparatus and ropes to get those people out of their cars and up to higher ground."

Amazingly, even as rescue crews were pulling people from their cars, Haines says someone else decided to continue past the barriers. "During the operation, we had a vehicle that busted through our barriers and drove into the water, and we had to in turn get that person out of the water also."

Haines says drivers like that are a danger to themselves and others. "In situations like this, you not only put yourself at risk to injury and death, but also the first responders that have to get in there and try to pull these people out. It's really not worth it."

His advice: "Just find high ground, sit it out. Go to work a little bit late today or stay home - whatever you need to do. But don't try to drive into any pooling water like that, it's just not worth the risk."

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