Brooks' Attorneys Continue Criticizing Dishon Investigators

By David McArthur

(SHEPHERDSVILLE, January 24th, 2003, 6 p.m.) -- Defense attorneys for David "Bucky" Brooks have maintained that two men in a black Camaro played a part in the abduction and murder of Jessica Dishon. On Friday, one of those men appeared in court. WAVE 3's David McArthur was there.

Brooks is charged with abducting and killing 17-year-old Jessica Dishon from her Bullitt County home the morning of September 10, 1999. Her body was found 17 days later about seven miles from her home. She had been beaten and strangled.

He was arrested and charged in Dishon's death after a grand jury indicted him on Jan. 18, 2001. He is charged with murder, kidnapping, tampering with physical evidence and complicity.

Brooks' attorney, Vince Yustas has been eager to talk with James Coulter and Jason Dunford about their connection to a black Camaro and several sightings of them inside with Dishon before and after her disappearance.

Coulter presented himself in court and agreed to testify next week. After his appearance, he told reporters he is "willing to be here ... just to testify on our behalf. I want the right thing done."

When asked if he knew anything about Dishon's death, Coulter responded, "no."

Defense attorneys continued to attack police investigators on the stand Friday, saying they did a poor job of collecting and handling evidence. At one point, Yustas referred to a box of Dishon's remains that was labeled "Keep Frozen," and asked a police investigator if it was in fact kept frozen.

"No sir," came the reply.

Healthcare worker Barbara Young testified she saw Dishon, Coulter and Dunford the day Dishon disappeared in a car resembling the black Camaro on I-65 near the State Fairgrounds. "I told everyone but the President," she said, "but no one would listen."

On Thursday, the defense blasted investigators for zeroing in on Brooks and ignoring other evidence possible suspects. One witness testified he saw Dishon outside Kelly's Lounge, a nightclub on Dixie Highway, the day after she disappeared. "She had strawberry blonde hair to her shoulders, curled under," he said. "She also had a Tommy Hilfiger shirt on."

Martin said he noticed Dishon because she was obviously underage.

Monday will be an off day for the trial, with Coulter scheduled to testify on Tuesday. It's not yet known if Dunford will be called to testify.

Online Reporter: David McArthur

Online Producer: Michael Dever