Pitino unloads on media coverage of sex scandal

By Lindsay English - bio | email
Posted By Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Rick Pitino says a sex scandal has been hard on his family and he's had enough. The University of Louisville men's basketball coach had angry words for the media during a hastily called press conference Wednesday afternoon which occurred hours after police released audio and video recordings of phones calls and an interview with Karen Sypher.

The last time we heard from Pitino on this case, he told the media he was not going say anything more until the trial. But Wednesday afternoon, the angry coach decided to get behind the microphone and vent about the whole situation and the way it's being covered.

"I couldn't really say anything because my lawyers said don't say anything, and the university said don't say anything and the authorities say don't say anything. Well enough's enough. I am saying something. It's a lie. It's a 100 percent lie," said Pitino.

Pitino was fired up-over the coverage and at the media for how he says the story has been handled. "Everything that's been printed, everything that you are showing and everything you've been breaking in the news on the day that Ted Kennedy died is 100 percent a lie, lie. All of this has been a lie. Okay a total fabrication of the truth, except what I told you, the mistake that I've made. Everything else is a lie."

Pitino has admitted that he had sex with Sypher and that he did give her money after she told him she was pregnant and wanted an abortion. But her allegations that he raped have been unfounded.

"I've been blackmailed seven months ago. These allegations were proven false and I'll repeat the Commonwealth's Attorney's words 'were void of any credibility whatsoever.'"

It is the reports of those allegations that seemed to bother Pitino the most.

"My wife and family do not deserve these lies," said Pitino. "You shouldn't be reporting them these lies."

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