Many Local Drivers Looking For A Tow After Storm

By Tony Hyatt

(LOUISVILLE, February 17th, 2003, 6:55 p.m.) -- At one time Sunday night, police closed a section of the Gene Snyder Freeway at Bardstown Road because of slick conditions and too many accidents. By Monday morning many were heading back to the same spot to retrieve their cars from the ditch near the freeway.

"My truck just doesn't have much weight," Ron Givens told WAVE 3 News. Givens had to call his nephew to come up from Meade County to get his Dakota Sport out of the ditch. With the help of a chain, Givens' truck was freed.

Despite the trouble, Givens is thankful that he managed to miss a light pole and four other cars when he went into the ditch. "It was just my day. I'm lucky."

A quick drive along the Snyder, I-64, 65 or 71 revealed several other drivers in the same shape as Givens. In many spots, cars were either in a ditch or up against a barrier or abutment.

"We have been really busy," says Gary Clemons, a dispatcher for Suburban Towing of Louisville. "We have had some drivers losing sleep, it has been tough. We have been hanging in there and we hopefully can get caught up with some good weather."

Suburban says its business was up 300 percent this weekend over a normal one.

"It was very slick, we even had to winch some of our trucks out," says Clemons.

"Normally, I don't work much on the weekends," says Kevin Wallace, a driver for Suburban. "This weekend, I worked close to 10 to 15 hours. I had about probably 20 runs a day, three of them were tows and the rest were just winching out drivers."

Louisville Metro Police had to close certain sections of the interstates Saturday night because of the ice. It is not known how many accidents occurred as a result of the icy weather.

Online Reporter: Tony Hyatt

Online Producer: Michael Dever