Halloween supervision for sex offenders

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email
Posted By Alane Paulley - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – On Halloween, registered sex offenders under supervision are required to follow strict laws.  They are not allowed to participate in Halloween in any way. This means they cannot have decorations on their property at all, but when we followed up with sex offenders in Kentuckiana we found that some were in compliance and some weren't. But more shockingly we found some local sex offenders are getting decorations of a different kind.

Stanley Quinn lives on Queen Avenue in Jefferson County.  He lives doors away from a registered sex offender that is under supervision and following the law.   The home did not have any Halloween decorations.  Quinn said he is confident registered sex offenders know what the law is and will follow it.  "As long as they do, apply to the law [than] everything is fine," Quinn said.

According to the Commonwealth's sex offender registry, an offender that is under supervision lives on Wheeler Avenue.  When WAVE 3 drove by the home, it had an orange and black bow on the door and pictures of jack-o-lanterns on the front window.  We called LMPD's tip line to report it.

"I was just calling to file a report that a registered sex offender has Halloween decorations on their home and they are under supervision," Reporter, Marisela Burgos said.

We then, drove to the home of a registered sex offender who is not under supervision, and legally allowed to have decorations but, the decorations were ones we hadn't expected.  The phrase child molester and other vulgar words were spray painted on the front of Edward Alcorn's home.  His brother Gene said he is upset about it and he had called police to investigate it.

"He (my brother) went, served his time and got out and everything and we've been living straight ever since then, trying to keep the peace," Gene Alcorn said.

Gene Alcorn said it happened last night and it happened because his brother is on the registry.

"This right here, it's going too far," Alcorn said.

Edward Alcorn has been on the registry for 11 years for molesting a child.  He and his brother say they're trying to keep low and out of trouble.  Halloween decorations are out of the question.

"Because we don't want to bother nobody, we're trying to be left alone," Alcorn said.

WAVE 3 had randomly selected 12 homes listed on the state's sex offender registry.  Most of the homes were following the strict guidelines.  According to the Department of Corrections, more than 7,000 people are registered sex offenders in the Commonwealth only about 1,500 of those are under supervision.

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