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Black Labrador lucky to be alive after being shot with arrow

Vets believe Aiden was shot at point blank range Vets believe Aiden was shot at point blank range
Rebecca Eaves Rebecca Eaves
Mary Casey Mary Casey
Dr. Richard Goranflo Dr. Richard Goranflo
Vets believe Aiden's temperament will aid his recovery Vets believe Aiden's temperament will aid his recovery

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The kindness of strangers has saved a dog's life. A black Lab is lucky to be alive after he was apparently used as target practice.  

"He's special," said Rebecca Eaves, a volunteer for the Shamrock Foundation - a nonprofit organization that helps animals.

Aiden, an 11-month-old black Lab, was found in Pike County wandering the streets with an arrow protruding from his body

The arrow has been removed, but the wounds it left behind were still visible.

"He is a doll," Eaves said. "The temperament - you can't believe - to have such a horrendous wound."

"You get really angry when you see something like this happen," said Mary Casey, Vice President of the Shamrock Foundation.

Volunteers at Shamrock stepped in to rescue Aiden and they say it's an miracle that he is standing and is as friendly as he his.

"He's been traumatized, even though he is so very sweet," Casey said.

Aiden was taken to Louisville from Pike County and has been receiving care at Auburndale Animal Hospital.

Veterinarians there believe Aiden was shot at point blank range.

"This has to rank up there pretty high," said Dr. Richard Goranflo. "It does appear that this was something from way off. It looks like someone stood there and did the deed."

During an initial examination, Goranflo determined that Aiden was running a fever, suffering from respiratory issues - one lung was partially deflated - as well as an infection in his wounds. His vertebrae were also damaged and he suffered massive muscular trauma.

"His attitude, I think, will get him through it," Goranflo said. "He certainly has the right outlook on what has happened."

It's still unknown who the dog belongs to or why someone would harm a helpless animal.

"I think there is some true evil in some people," Eaves said.

Getting Aiden healthy and to a safe home is what he deserves. 

"He's a lovely little boy," Casey said. "We want him to have the best possible home. Because he needs to have the rest of his life heavenly."

Goranflo and the Shamrock Pet Foundation are paying for Aiden's care, which could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Although Aiden's story is heartbreaking, unfortunately it's not at all uncommon. In fact, the Shamrock Pet Foundation says cases of animal abuse are escalating.

For more information on how you can help Aiden and other animals visit the Shamrock Foundation online.

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