UK women win first game; fans looking forward to round two

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In the first round of the women's NCAA tournament, the Wildcats beat Liberty University 83-77. It was a close game up to halftime, but the Cats pulled through, beating Virginia's team.

Fans were not disappointed by Saturday afternoon's game at Freedom Hall. It has been 4 years since fans have seen the Cats play during an NCAA tournament. The last time the UK women's basketball team qualified was in 2006.

Many fans said, this year, they deserved it. "They've been playing awesome this year. They've had a winning streak at home," Brittany Wescott said.

Another fan, Robyn Gabbard, echoed that sentiment, saying "I think they've got good camaraderie between the whole team.. You see it on the court".

During the post game press conference, the Wildcats admitted they started the game rocky. Fans noticed. "I think we're being out played a little bit," UK fan, Neil Williams said.

"I thought they started a little slow 'cause we were looking at each other like oh oh," Teveas Burdette said. "This doesn't look good, but they picked up their defense," she continued.

Teveas Burdette and her 11-year-old daughter, Carah, said they did not want to miss Saturday's game.  "We wanted to come down here to support them. Everybody always gives support to the boys, but I told [my daughter], she likes playing basketball, let's go check out the girls," Burdette said.

11-year-old Carah Burdette said she has learned a few tricks from the players in basketball camp. "I learned the left hand lay ups. I learned how to crossover and to always look up. [I learned to] throw the ball ahead," Carah Burdette said. "It was cool that I got to meet them. You know, I want to be out there playing," she smiled.

It was a close game, but the Cats turned it in their favor. They play against Michigan State on Monday at 7p.m. at Freedom Hall.

UK Guard, A'dia Mathias mom, Angela Mathias, said she is looking forward to the next game. "It's going to be tough, but she stay with her game. She'll be alright," Mathias said.

This is the Cats 7th year playing in the NCAA tournament.