Kentucky Senate bill would forgive some school days lost to weather

FRANKFORT, KY (AP) - The Kentucky Senate passed a bill to

allow school districts to possibly skip some makeup days if classes

were canceled for an extended time due to storms or illness.

The bill comes as some districts face the prospect of long

makeup periods due to a series of winter storms along with last

year's swine flu outbreak.

The measure passed the Senate on a 36-1 vote Friday. It goes

back to the House, which will consider changes made by the Senate.

The proposal would apply to school districts that have missed 20

or more instructional days.

School boards in those districts could ask the state education

commissioner to waive the makeup of school days missed beyond 20

days, up to a maximum of 10 days.

The measure also would allow districts to make up missed time by

lengthening the school day.


The legislation is House Bill 487.

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