Things in your house that could injure or kill your pet

(NBC) - We call them our best friends, but did you know you might have things in your house that can poison your dog? More than just obvious chemicals and pesticides, what you share with your dog could kill them.

Lisa Siegler adores her year old miniature golden doodle, Lucy.

"She is my baby. I got her for my 40th birthday last year, so she's very special to me," said Lisa.

As a puppy, Lucy got into all sorts of things, chewing shoes and socks. But when she ate some Trident sugarless gum, it almost killed her. Lisa found a bit of wrapper and realized Lucy ate nearly a whole pack of Trident.

"I Googled, 'is gum bad for dogs?' and everything that popped up was toxic," Lisa said.

It's the Xylitol ingredient that can cause a dog's liver to fail and that's what happened to Lucy.

"If I had not noticed that little bit of wrapper, she would have most likely died," said Lisa.

Many pet owners often forget that a dog's system is very different from our own. They can't tolerate foods such as onions, chocolate, grapes or raisins. It's poison to them.

Lisa called animal poison control who told her how to induce vomiting. Then she rushed Lucy to the vet where she spent three days.

"Xylitol is in lots of things like pudding, in sugarless cough drops, in lots of sugarless human foods," said Lisa.

Lucy bounced back after a $1,400 vet bill, but now Lisa warns everyone.

"Everybody seems to know about the chocolate and the grapes and raisins that kind of stuff," said Lisa. "Not too many people know about gum."

There is a whole list of things toxic to dogs including raw potatoes, bread dough and avocados. Talk to your vet about any concerns you may have.

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