Indiana AG warns about healthcare scams

By Kevin Kayse email

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WAVE) – The new healthcare law mandates that everyone must buy health insurance by 2014. But that may not stop scammers from trying to push phony insurance plans on those who don't yet know the specifics of the law.

What the healthcare bill actually says is that those who don't already have health insurance must purchase a commercial insurance product from a private company. Again, not until 2014 does this become mandatory.

"That mandate is three years away, and while many details still are unknown, I would be extremely surprised if door-to-door salespeople would be enlisted to sell plans under this scheme," said Deputy Attorney General Abigail Kuzma, director of Indiana's Consumer Protection Division. "People who want private insurance coverage now and don't qualify for a public plan should consult with established, licensed insurance agents and obtain multiple quotes before buying any policy, even short-term."

If you believe someone has contacted you over the phone to try and sell phony insurance, Indiana residents can lodge a complaint at, or by calling 1-800-382-5516. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says his Consumer Protection Division is ready to investigate scams and assist anyone who has received such unsolicited sales offers.

Another way to verify those selling insurance is to search for them on Indiana's Department of Insurance web site, at, or by calling (800) 622-4461. Any company that wants to sell insurance in Indiana must first be registered and all agents licensed by the Department of Insurance.

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