Attorney for Sypher wants trial moved out of Louisville

Louisville, KY - By Sam Schreiber - e-mail

LOUISVILLE, KY (AP) – An attorney for Karen Sypher has requested that her extortion trial be moved out Louisville, to Bowling Green or Owensboro. She argues that an impartial jury could not be found in the city, due to extensive media coverage.

Assistant U.S. Attorney General John Kuhn told The Courier-Journal that the government would oppose the move, and that an explanation would be given in a filed response sometime next week.

Sypher is on trial for trying to extort money from Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino, retaliating against a witness, and lying to the FBI. She allegedly demanded 10 million dollars, college tuition for her children, and for her house to be paid off in exchange for keeping quiet about her personal relationship with Pitino.

Sypher's trial will begin in June.

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