No easy answers for unwanted horses

LEXINGTON, KY (AP) - Carol Brown says she has stopped breeding thoroughbreds after two were nearly sold to a slaughterhouse.

She and her husband had bred horses on a small scale for a few years on their farm in Lexington. In January, someone suggested some of their mares might be good candidates for retraining as riding horses. She was contacted by HorseCampUSA in Frankfort, and Brown offered up four horses.

2 of Brown's horses sold to the group ended up at Sugarcreek Livestock Auction in Ohio, where they were to be shipped to a Canadian slaughterhouse.

Brown's horses were later found by rescuers, and she offered to buy them back and pay for their transport to Kentucky. Brown says she had just hoped to find a good home for the horses, but now she's decided to stop breeding.

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