Judge gives restaurant owner more time to deal with Frankfort Avenue property

Louisville, KY - Posted by Kevin Kayse email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Due to renewed interest from potential buyers in a rundown Frankfort Avenue home, Genny's Diner owner Frank Faris has more time to get rid of the home.

Originally, Faris bought property next door to Genny's with the intention of tearing it down and putting in additional parking for his restaurant. That plan was halted, though, when the Historic Preservation Society declared that the home was protected as a historic building.

Since then, the building has fallen into such disrepair (including fires in the home), it's become an eyesore. A judge recently ordered Faris to give it away or go to jail, and he was placed on home incarceration at his last court appearance.

Faris put a "Free" sign on the home, but has been hesitant to simply give away the home and property that paid over $100,000 for.

"A hundred thousand dollars is a lot to just give away," Faris said. "So, it's a road you have to take in business - you win or lose. It's been brought back to my attention that you win some, and you lose some. So you just pick up the pieces and go on from here."

Faris also says there are three people interested in buying the property, but has not yet ironed out the details. He has until April 25 to work out an agreement with a buyer.

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