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Edge Outreach collecting shoes for Third World countries

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For the last month, Edge Outreach has been collecting shoes from all over Kentuckiana. On Thursday, the group received $15,000 from the Shoeman Project for collecting over 30,000 pairs of shoes. The shoes that have been donated will be taken to people in Third World countries who would otherwise have to do without.

Edge will use the money they've received for the donated shoes to help fund the creation and maintenance of water purification systems in Haiti, which is still working on recovering from the massive earthquake they were hit with earlier this year. By the end of the project, Edge hopes to have donated one million pairs of shoes.

If you have some shoes that aren't seeing much use, Edge Outreach representative Deedee Hurt stresses that they aren't picky about what they get.

"Work boots, flip flops, sandals- whatever goes on your foot that can be considered a shoe, we consider a shoe," said Hurt. "So they can bring whatever's in their closet."

To find out where you can donate your shoes, visit: http://www.shoeman.org/file/Home.html.

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