Sinus problems and poison ivy keep Kentuckiana doctors busy

By Lori Lyle - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In our weekly check of 'What's Going Around' in Kentuckiana we're getting reports of health problems from head to toe. Both kids and adults are dealing with some nasty congestion that may need more than a Kleenex to make it better.

Dr. Daniel Arnold with the Jewish Physician Group, Southend Medical Clinic in Shively is treating patients with yellow and green mucus. It's the gold standard when it comes to acute sinusitis. His patients are also complaining of headaches and sore throats.

When the mucus gets a strong color to it, it's time to head to the doctor. Dr. Arnold advises that it will take an antibiotic to clear it out. His treatment advice also includes decongestants.

Another illness getting a lot of office visits this past week is extreme poison ivy. Dr. Arnold says the breakouts consist of a blistering rash with intense itching. The rash can spread and cause swelling. Depending on the severity, treatment included a cortisone injection, oral cortisone and or antihistamine and topical cortisone creams available over the counter.

Also this week in southern Indiana, diarrhea is causing lots of tummy trouble for the little ones.

In Clarksville, Dr. Jill Howell-Berg says this viral problem can often start with vomiting but that the vomiting should last less than a day.  The other symptoms include loss of appetite, a low grade fever and multiple loose stools. She says more than 6 a day can quickly lead to dehydration in an infant.

Dr. Howell-Berg says the diarrhea can last for a week and her advice for parents is if there's a high fever, prolonged symptoms or lots of tummy pain, see the doctor.

Additional advice includes avoiding milk while vomiting and giving small frequent amounts of clear fluids like watered down juice. For signs of dehydration she says to be on the lookout for crying without tears and infrequent wet diapers. This is a highly contagious viral infection, so Dr. Howell-Berg says to wash hands often and pull out the cleaners with bleach.

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