Dozens arrested in early morning drug sting

New Albany, IN - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - While many people were still sleeping early Friday morning, police officers from several agencies in Floyd County were conducting an extensive drug sweep. Nearly four dozen people were arrested in the raids, and police have asked the medical community to help prevent prescription drug abuse.

Officers rounded up suspects from every walk of life - married couples, single moms, first-timers, repeat offenders and even senior citizens - were rounded up and booked into the Floyd County Jail.

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson said the raids targeted users as well as dealers of drugs like meth and cocaine, but many of those arrests involved prescription drugs.

"This involved drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, but the majority of these cases dealt with prescription abuse - pills," Henderson said.

Henderson says prescription drugs have rapidly become the drug of choice among users. So he issued a plea to the medical community to use a state website that keep tabs on prescription histories "to see if in fact that person is a pill shopper and to be aware as they make their medical decision on prescriptions.

According to Henderson, many of those arrested lived in public housing, which he called the root of the problem.

"There are good people there that want a drug-free, safe community," Henderson said. "We're going to continue to fight. We have the resources. We'll continue to take this battle to the streets."

In all, 54 felony drug warrants were issued, and police arrested 43 arrests suspects - including four people who were not named in the warrants.

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