Senate candidate Dan Coats talks about his lobbying efforts

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (AP) - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Coats has released

more than 800 pages of lobbying records on his website in an effort

to clear up questions about his past and respond to attacks by


The new information released Saturday didn't stem the flood of

Democratic criticism against Coats, a former lobbyist hoping to

beat Democratic Congressman Brad Ellsworth to return to the U.S.


Coats says he hopes the records will give Indiana voters a more

accurate picture of his background.

Democrats have linked Coats with Venezuelan president Hugo

Chavez, the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen and BP.

Coats says he's never worked for Chavez, Yemen or BP and that

such charges are "offensive" and "ludicrous."

Coats is trying to win back his former Senate seat.



Coats' campaign:

Democrats' site attacking Coats for his lobbying work:

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