Coats: Of 36 lobbying clients, none embarrassing

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (AP) - U.S. Senate candidate Dan Coats says he had 36 clients while he worked as a lobbyist and there are none that he's embarrassed about.

The Republican tells The Indianapolis Star that the clients include Harvest Natural Resources, an oil company that was resisting a takeover by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

But he says he did no work for Chavez, or for BP, Goldman Sachs or Yemen. Coats told the Star he made it clear that he wouldn't work on cases that conflicted with his views or with his voting record in Congress.

Coats, who is trying to win back his former Senate seat, had been criticized by Democrats for his lobbying work and for not releasing the names of his clients.

He and Democratic U.S. Rep Brad Ellsworth are seeking to replace Democrat Evan Bayh.

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