TARC bus cuts costing people more than money

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It has been talked about for much of the spring and Monday, June 7, was the first weekday riders felt the impact of TARC's plan to save $5.5 million.

The cost-cutting measures include slashing the amount of times some busses run, along with doing away with some routes.

"The service is good but they need more stops and they need more buses and they've decreased it.  That poses problems for us," TARC rider Britteny Rider said.

That's because routes 35, 58, 59, and 80 have been cut and nearly two dozen other routes will see cuts in the number of trips.

It is a change that's causing riders to make other arrangements -- and some even say they had to move as a result.

"When I catch route 55 I 'm going to have like an hour wait, and then I'm going to have to walk probably another mile when i get dropped off to get home," Rider said.

"The biggest impact was the removal of bus 80.  We were going to move into a condo down on Hurstbourne, but we found out that was going to be canceled, and without that there's no means of transportation to and from work," said TARC rider Jonathan Ludwig.

Others are just happy to have the service.. but hope the cuts are the only thing that come to a stop.

"I hope that the rate increases and the changes and the lack of revenue doesn't stop TARC's plan and the state's plan for rapid transit.  The county's big enough now.  We're all metro and we need it," said rider Thomas Berry Junior.

The changes don't stop there.  In July, the second phase of the new plan takes effect.  That's when express routes will cost an extra $1.00.

As WAVE 3 has reported in the past, the cuts are due to less occupational licensing fee income tax coming into metro government's cash fund.

TARC leaders say these aren't easy decisions to make and they hope they're a temporary fix to these tough economy times.

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