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Statement by Steve Masiello's attorney

Steve Masiello Steve Masiello
Larry Wilder Larry Wilder

The following statement was released on June 8 by Larry Wilder, attorney for University of Louisville assistant basketball coach Steve Masiello, about his client's involvment in the case against Scott Davis, owner of

LOUISVILLE, KY. Yesterday, the Clark County (In.) Prosecuting Attorney filed criminal charges against Scott Davis, Oldham County Magistrate, in a case stemming from the purchase and sale of Kentucky Derby Tickets. Davis was charged with 10 felonies as well as 10 misdemeanor and infraction offenses. The felonies involved attempted theft and crimes related to the illegal operation of his business, Derby

During the initial stages of the investigation Davis attempted to implicate University of Louisville Assistant basketball coach, Steve Masiello. From the outset, Masiello, denied knowledge of Davis' business dealings and denied that he was involved in any business dealings with Davis.

Masiello made it clear that he only knew of Davis as a result of a family friend contacting him and asking him to assist Davis in finding someone in Kentucky that could possibly help Davis find Derby tickets. Masiello, as a favor to the family friend, introduced Davis to an individual that Masiello believed could assist Davis.

Masiello, in an effort to insure the integrity of the Jeffersonville Police investigation, met with them and provided a statement and answered all questions. In addition, Masiello agreed to submit to a stipulated polygraph examination conducted by the police department's examiner of choice. Masiello passed the polygraph examination and the results were submitted to the police and the prosecutor.

The Clark County Prosecuting attorney's office has confirmed that the findings of the investigation support Masiello's affirmations from the beginning. The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney has confirmed that Masiello was not involved in any wrongdoing and that he did not commit a crime.

Scott Davis' civil case filed prior to the completion of the criminal investigation remains pending in Jefferson County (Ky) Circuit Court. As a result, and at the advice of counsel, Coach Masiello will forgo making any statements to the media regarding the facts surrounding this situation.

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