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Billboard cited in change of venue for 2007 Louisville murder

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By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - It may seem like an odd question for a murder trial: how many people saw a certain billboard? That has actually become an important question in determining where Cecil New's trial will be held.

New is accused of murdering 4-year-old Ivan Cano in the summer of 2007, and investigators also believe the boy was sexually assaulted. Autopsy results indicate that Cano's blood alcohol content level was .214, or nearly three times the legal limit for an adult, before he was killed.

New's latest hearing concerning his request for a venue change started on June 9. More than half a dozen witnesses took the stand, testifying on issues centering around the prominence New and Cano have become since Cano's murder in 2007.

The defense cites dozens of media reports and community events that increased public awareness about the case.

One big issue deals with advertising - specifically, billboards that featured Cano's image.

A term known as DEC - or daily effective circulation – was cited to illustrate the number of people who may have been exposed to the story from billboards alone.

"For seven shelters, the DEC was 92,510," said Mike Sheehy with CBS Outdoor Advertising.

That equates to 92,510 people who had the potential to be exposed in one day to those seven ads placed around the city. They were up anywhere from a month to three months on that particular order alone.

Defense attorneys argue that exposure means finding a fair and impartial jury in the Louisville area isn't possible, so they want the trial moved to another venue.

A second change of venue hearing is expected at the end of June. The actual hearing is set for October. 

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