Why a golf workout might put you on the right course

(MEDSTAR) - A personal trainer can get you fit and they can also help get you in shape for your favorite sport. We explain to us how quality exercise can translate into a quality round of golf.

To golf pro Jim Muschlitz, the sound of a golf club hitting the perfect shot is music to his ears. A teacher and manager of professional golfers, Muschlitz understands the importance of good conditioning to enhance his game. One of his favorite examples of this is golfing phenom Tiger Woods.

"Tiger Woods, I think, made people more aware of what…being in shape was all about: conditioning, flexibility for consistency in a golf swing," said Muschlitz.

So Muschlitz has decided to take a swing at golf-specific conditioning with certified athletic trainer Frank Lupin, who was supportive of the idea.

"He had a good idea on what he needed to do, but looking for a professional, came to me for some guidance and helped him out with some of what he had already kind of figured out but gave him a little bit more direction on where I found his deficiencies to be, just like he would with a golf swing with myself," said Lipin.

Lupin was able to put together an exercise program based on Muschlitz's goals, abilities and medical history.

"Some of the key issues with golfers and the general population are the calves, the ankles, the hips and the shoulders," said Lupin. "Those are some of the areas that we definitely take a look at."

Muschlitz now attends weekly training sessions, focusing on flexibility and core strength. He's already seen major improvements on the course.

"There's no doubt in my mind that I can hit the ball as far or further than I did 25 years ago," said Muschlitz. "And technology has something to do with it, but definitely people ask me about 'how do the touring pros hit it so far?' and my answer is flexibility, conditioning and technique."

Lupin stresses that you should ask the advice of a certified personal trainer, to make sure your program is safe and you're doing the exercises correctly.

You can find a professional in your area through the National Academy of Sports Medicine online.

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