NAACP weighs in on JCPS Student Assignment Plan

Raoul Cunningham
Raoul Cunningham
Kathryn Wallace
Kathryn Wallace
Dr. Sheldon Berman
Dr. Sheldon Berman

By Shayla Reaves - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- A new 23-page report highlights concerns with the new Jefferson County Public Schools Student Assignment plan. The NAACP released the "White Paper" at a press conference Monday afternoon. The report detailed the civil rights organization's stance regarding the plan and its implementation.

President Raoul Cunningham said the NAACP supports the new plan but disagreement exists about implementation.

"For the most part we agree with the school board. There are some areas that we do not agree on," Cunningham said.

The following excerpt is from the "White Paper" report:

"The NAACP, in spite of some misgivings, supported the New Student Assignment Plan. That support was earned by the New Plan's declared intent to create a school system that is economically, ethnically, educationally and socially diverse....The bottom line is that the New Plan has not been implemented as planned..."

Kathryn Wallace is the NAACP Education Committee Chairperson.

"We implore every parent, every child, every teacher, every administrator and every Jefferson County Board Member to give this plan a chance," Wallace said at a Monday press conference regarding the report.

Wallace said implementing the new assignment plan has not come without backlash.

"While the majority of the residents in Jefferson County have expressed a need to maintain a diverse education system,  some have lost sight of that objective or they were never even on board with it," Wallace said. " For some, it has become solely, what is in the best interest of my child?"

JCPS Superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman weighed in on the progress of the new student assignment plan. Berman called community education and partnerships critical to the school system's success.

"I think we have a lot of education, community education to do," Berman said. "I think we have to continue that effort, we can't let up. It has to be an essential part of what makes us a great school district."

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