Baseball fans beat the heat

Tony Hill
Tony Hill
Melinda and Larry Kaplan
Melinda and Larry Kaplan

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It is officially summer and the heat has been the topic of conversation in Kentuckiana. Kentuckians have been dealing with scorching temperatures for days now. The heat index has hit triple digits.

Louisville Bats management have blamed the heat for lower attendance the last few days, even though, they said the overall the numbers have been great this season. At Monday night's game against the Toledo Mud Hens, baseball fans had a break from the sun. Fans enjoyed the cool breeze as they watched the game at Slugger Field.

"It was hot when we first got here. As soon as the sun went down on the other side of the building, it's okay now," said Larry Kaplan, who told us it was tolerable while watching the game.

Monday was 'Dog Day at the Park' at Slugger Field. Bats management  said they spoke about canceling the event because of the heat, but decided not to because the temperatures got cooler.

"It's pretty good. The breeze is going on. It's great," John Braden said as he held a bottled water for his dog, Grady, to drink.

"It was sweltering. {There was a} bit of a breeze, not like tonight. But, I know there were drips of sweat running down the back of my leg," said a laughing Tony Hill, who was at the ballpark for the second night.

Although Hill lasted the entire game on Sunday as the sun's rays beat down on Slugger Field, he said others did not.

"I noticed some people behind me had some small kids. They got back in the shade, so, it was hot," Hill said.

But the scorching sun did not persuade Hill to stay home on Monday. He came back to enjoy 'Dog day that the Park'.

"Well, I like the breeze. The sun is not shinning down," Hill said.

At Monday's game, people did not take their chances with the heat. Many made sure they and their pets stayed hydrated. The ballclub provided swimming pools for pets to cool off out on the Overlook Deck.

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