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Police Suspect Large Cat Attacked Parked Car

(FAIRLAND, Ind., May 8th, 2003, 9:55 a.m.) -- Something damaged a Fairland woman's car, but police say it wasn't another car -- it was a wild cat.

Seventy-two-year-old Edra Ragland's car had two flat tires -- along with scratches and other damage -- when she went out to her driveway Tuesday.

The initial suspect was a bear belonging to one of Ragland's neighbors, but police said the animal was still in its cage when they checked.

State Conservation Officer Jerry Jackson says he found pawprints on the car that belonged to a cat.

Sheriff's Deputy Travis Maloney says the cat hooked its top teeth into the top tread of one tire and sank its bottom teeth into the sidewall. It also chewed off part of the bumper.

Maloney says investigators think the cat may have been chasing another animal that ran under the car.

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