Dispose Of Old Tires For Free

(LOUISVILLE, May 8th, 2003, 4:30 p.m.) -- Mayor Jerry Abramson has announced a program that offers residents two days in mid-May to dispose of old, worn tires for free -- a process that helps remove potential health and environmental problems.

The free Tire Disposal Program, also known as Tire Amnesty, will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 16-17 at four regional locations in Louisville Metro, Abramson said. The program is operated by Louisville Metro Solid Waste Management Services and funded by the state.

The Tire Disposal Program allows people to turn in their tires at the following locations:

  1. Metro Recycling Center, 595 Hubbards Lane
  2. Metro Waste Reduction Center, 636 Meriwether Avenue
  3. Outer Loop Recycling & Disposal Facility, 7353 Grade Lane
  4. Dixie Highway Metro Recycling Center, 7219 Dixie Highway

The tires will be shredded and used as buffers in landfills. At the Outer Loop Landfill in southern Jefferson County, the shredded tires will be placed between the liner and garbage to reduce the likelihood of leaks into groundwater.

The program will accept passenger tires, light truck (vans/SUVs), truck tires and agricultural tires. The program will not accept construction equipment tires or tires from tire businesses or dealers. There is no limit to the number of tires a person can bring in.

The Tire Disposal Program is a state funded program. A $1 fee is collected for every new tire that is sold in the state. The funds are used, in part, for cleanups of large tire dumps.