Equipment stolen from KY Shakespeare Festival overnight

By Shayla Reaves - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Equipment stolen overnight put a popular outdoor production in limbo Thursday morning. The thefts happened after midnight at Central Park according to organizers for the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival.

Production Manager Michael Boso discovered the problem.

"We have a security bar that goes across the door and I thought, great! Rachel, my intern, is on top of things and she has already gotten started," Boso said. "Unfortunately the sight that greeted us was not as happy."

Boso said he found a lock destroyed and a sound board and lighting equipment taken from the venue. The theft occurred eight days into the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival's 50th run. Students scheduled to rehearse couldn't do it.

"This was their time on the stage with the mics and we had no sound board so we couldn't set up their mics," Boso said.

The crew had eight hours to replace the equipment before Thursday evening's performance of "The Tempest" at 8 p.m.

"It was scary," said Brantley Dunaway, the production's artistic director. "We're currently in the very middle of our summer production."

The Actor's Theatre of Louisville provided replacement gear ahead of the Thursday night show. Organizers installed a security system this afternoon.

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