Allison plans Indianapolis hybrid facility

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (AP) - Allison Transmission Inc. has started renovating part of its Indianapolis factory so it can build hybrid systems for commercial vehicles.

The company says it expects to have 100 workers producing the systems that it hopes to market in 2013.

Allison spokesman Eric Dickerson says the portion of the factory on the city's west side being renovated has been vacant for the past 10 years. The company received a $62.8 million federal grant last year for the $130 million hybrid project.

Allison is working on the hybrid systems with electronics-maker Delphi Corp. of Kokomo and motor manufacturer Remy International of Anderson. All three companies received stimulus grants last August.

Allison says its hybrid system will capture kinetic energy as a vehicle slows down and later reuse the energy in reacceleration.

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