Bride charged in bar brawl reaches plea deal

Nicole Emerson (source: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)
Nicole Emerson (source: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - She was arrested in her wedding dress just hours after saying "I do," the result of a nasty Louisville bar fight. Now there's a new twist in the tale of the bar brawl bride.

It has been one of the most viewed stories on, and we now know what led up to the fight that Saturday night in late May.

Here's the back story: 28-year-old Nicole Emerson was arrested just hours after she was married, as a result of a bar fight inside of O'Shea's in downtown Louisville on Main Street.

Police say Emerson hit a couple of people over the head, in the eye, and in the face with a beer bottle - all while in her wedding dress, a witness says.

In the nearly 30 days after that fight, Emerson's attorney and the prosecution have been trying to hammer out a deal. They reached an agreement even as new evidence suggests it may have been self-defense.

Only WAVE 3 was there Tuesday as Emerson sat holding on to her new husband before she faced a judge.

She had been looking at a total of three charges of second degree assault. Two of those were dropped - one because her attorney says Emerson didn't hit the reported victim, and a second charge was dropped because another alleged victim apparently suffered no major injuries.

Emerson's attorney also says surveillance video suggests her husband was being beaten up when she simply stepped in to help.

Emerson pleaded guilty to one significantly reduced charge of assault.

The judge ruled that it will be taken off her record if she doesn't get into any more trouble during the next two years.

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