Lack of contract leaves Humana insured patients paying more

Louisville, KY - By Lori Lyle - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thousands of people who have Humana insurance are searching for new doctors. The contract deadline between Humana and University of Louisville physicians passed at midnight without a deal and apparently no talks to work one out.

About 460 doctors make up the U of L physicians group. They want more pay putting them in line, with what they say, doctors at other academic centers in other cities receive. But Humana is holding out, saying the doctors already get higher reimbursements than their peers here in Louisville.

The price dispute now hitting the pockets of Humana customers who are being forced to pay out of pocket to keep their U of L doctors.
If U of L doctor is the only specialist in their field in town, Humana says the patient can apply for a waiver.

How long could this go on?  I spoke with U of L this afternoon and a spokesperson with the group says they are waiting for Humana to contact them to set up more talks.

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